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Foot drop can be a debilitating condition, limiting your mobility and confidence due to an unnatural gait. Traditional AFO braces offer support, but often restrict natural ankle movement, leading to a less efficient and tiring walking experience. Introducing RehabStride™, a revolutionary AFO brace designed to transform your approach to foot drop recovery.
RehabStride™ goes beyond mere support. It prioritizes gait rehabilitation, promoting a more natural and efficient walking pattern through innovative features. The biomimicry design incorporates a unique hinge system that mimics the subtle movements of a healthy ankle, allowing for controlled dorsiflexion (lifting) during walking. This mimics the natural push-off motion and promotes a smoother gait cycle.
Additionally, the integrated intelligent spring technology provides the exact amount of assistance needed to lift your foot during the swing phase, mimicking the natural propulsive force generated by healthy muscles. This not only reduces the effort required to walk but also helps retrain weakened muscles, promoting long-term rehabilitation.